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Wolfgang Dafert digital Creator

Mag. Dipl. Psych. (M.S. in Psychology/Usability) Wolfgang Dafert here - aka AI Wolf.👋 I'm a Digital Entrepreneur, Project Manager, and AI Trailblazer, based in Madeira, Portugal. I love helping folks thrive in business & life with my enthusiasm for cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies. Over the years, I've dived deep into the realms of AI, not just as a tool, but as a transformative force. When I'm not consulting or launching new AI ventures, I'm probably running trails or diving the ocean of Madeira.

If you're looking to automate your venture or diving into the AI world, let's chat!
Akela AI Automation Agency

My skills

Things I'm pretty great at
Sweet stuff I do
My skills
Things I'm pretty great at
Sweet stuff I do

AI Automation

At my AI Automation Agency, Akela, we specialize in empowering small to mid-sized businesses with AI tools. Our mission is to navigate enterprises through the AI landscape, ensuring they leverage the most out of these cutting-edge technologies.


AI Marketing and Sales

Custom AI Solutions

AI Education and Training

Public Speaker

As an AI Keynoter, I bring tomorrow's tech into today's conversations through motivational speeches and tailored topics. Every session is designed to be interactive, complete with Q&A segments and invaluable takeaway resources.
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Motivational Speech

Tailored Topics

Interactive Q&A's

Takeaway Resources

Project Management, CTO, and AI Consulting

I am a senior project manager, and besides my Akela AI Automation Agency now you can also hire me on UpWork.
Coupled with years as a CTO in web development, crypto, and AI arenas I can help your startup or solve challenges in your business.

Needs Assessment

Strategy Formulation

Project Management

Implementation Support

Software Development

When low-code and no-code AI automation doesn't quite cut it, my in-house software development company, Audacious Code, steps in to craft custom-coded solutions tailored to your AI projects. And the cherry on top? If desired, we encapsulate it all within a sleek Webflow site, putting the reins of easy management right in your hands.


LLM Fine Tuning

Prompt Engineering


More about me.

Since 2007, I've embraced the life of an entrepreneur, spending over 16 years soaking up the cultures of Southeast Asia. My heart beats for thrilling adventures, whether that's diving deep to spear impressive tunas or wandering through the vastness of Mongolian deserts. Yet, as the world shifted with Covid, I've been captivated by the wild Atlantic Ocean on the picturesque shores of Madeira, Portugal. Here, I sometimes connect with a lively digital nomad community, and most importantly, cherish every moment with my son.

I'm a happy father, trail runner, freediver, desert explorer, Spear fisherman, & many more things. In every part of my life - I'm driven by mindfulness and a fiery passion to explore new horizons. Daringly crossing the boundaries of possibility to make the world a touch more wondrous.

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